Pile foundations type: B-I, B-II, B-III, B-IA, B-IIIA

Application: for foundation of catenary line support structures. The foundations are driven in by means of a pile driver.

Foundations of types B-I, B-II, B-III are used for foundation of the catenary system, foundations of type B-IA for central anchors of catenary system lashings and group ropes, foundations of type B-IIIA for weight anchors.

Pile foundations are produced in lengths from 2.5 m to 5.0 m with 0.5 m graduation and are available with fixing accessories.

Pile foundations offered for railways investments comply with the technical requirements of PKP PLK S.A., have National Technical Assessment No. IK-KOT-2018/0020 issue 1, by the Railway Institute in Warsaw, Company Production Control Certificate No. 202-UWB-068
issued by CWB in Warsaw and approval for use No D/IST/27/2020 issued by PKP PLK S.A.